Vests are a type of equipment in They protect you from extensive damage and offer different levels of protection depending on which one you have. The highest tier vest reduces damage by almost half. Vests do not degrade. They may be found on the ground randomly, in crates (especially Soviet crates), in toilets, bank deposit boxes, the Pirate chest, shipping containers, and inside buildings. Level 1 vests are extremely common, Level 2 is fairly common but not nearly as much as Level 1, and Level 3 is rare.

Image Types Description Damage Reduction
Level 1 Vest
Level 1 Vest It is colored light gray when equipped and resembles a Basic vest. 25%
Level 2 Vest It is colored dark grey when equipped and resembles a Police vest. 38%
Level 3 Vest It is colored black when equipped and resembles a Kevlar vest. 45%