A player holding a UMP9

The Heckler & Koch UMP9 (Universale Maschinenpistole 9mm) or simply, the UMP9 as it is known in-game, is an SMG which fires in 3-round bursts. This weapon is accurate and steady, boasting the highest damage per round of any 9mm (Yellow) gun. It deals 129 damage per second.




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  • The UMP's high accuracy means that it outperforms most automatic weapons beyond shotgun range.
  • The UMP's DPS of 129 means that it is still viable in close quarters. This is especially true because a skilled UMP9 user can hide behind cover in between bursts.
  • The UMP9 uses 9mm ammo, giving it a larger and more easily refillable ammo supply than other guns.
    • However, this advantage becomes insignificant in the late game.
  • FAMAS has a much better DPS than the UMP9, but if you prefer to have a faster reload and bigger mag over damage, UMP9 is your gun to keep.


  • In reality, the UMP doesn't have a 3-round burst fire mode; it only has semi-auto, full-auto, or 2-round burst.
  • The real-life UMP was created by HK as a cheaper and more modernized alternative to HK's other submachine gun, the MP5. However, both remain in production.
  • The UMP9 is one of three burst weapons in the game, the others being the FAMAS and M93R.
  • Most UMP9s have a 25 mag capacity, although the mag in the sprite could have 30 rounds. 


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