FANDOM might seem like a game in which you just randomly shoot at other players, but that's not true, as you will need to have good knowledge of the game to get the Chicken Dinner. Hopefully, this page will help out the newbie players.


Passive 12dmg win
  • Take cover — This is obvious, but it will reduce the amount of damage you take drastically. Rocks and trees are recommended as they are abundant across the map.
  • Use scopes wisely — If you can see the enemy and they can't, you'll be the one choosing to fight or not. Also very good for spying. If an enemy gets too close to you and you have a long range scope switch to a scope with less range to make it easier to aim.
  • Drink up — When used in conjunction with Bandages, more Sodas, they are very useful. Their fast use time also helps in a tight situation when you need a quick boost.
  • Adrenaline helpsAdrenaline, which comes from Sodas and Pills, will make you recover health faster. The more adrenaline you have, and also will boost your movement speed when you have more than 50%. This means you can dodge bullets better and stay in battles for prolonged periods of time. It's usually best to get your adrenaline as high as possible once there are few enemies left and to keep it up whenever possible. A high adrenaline also allows you to advance into the red zone and recover precious amounts of forgotten loot, as it will debuff the red zone's passive damage. Depending on how much supplies you have, you should always at least have some adrenaline.
  • Lead your shots — Bullets have travel time. Don't just fire where enemies are now, fire where they will be when your bullets reach them. Try to predict their movements and act accordingly. You should also take into account your weapon's accuracy and bullet velocity.
  • Deal with the threat before reviving — You're defenseless when reviving teammates, so take down the enemy or make sure he's gone before trying to revive your teammates.
  • Frags and MIRV GrenadeFrag Grenades and MIRV Grenades are very good for convincing people to leave and killing unaware players, as long as you can get away in time. One trick is to throw it in a cloud of smoke if you know that someone is inside. After pulling the pin, count to four so that the grenade explodes immediately when it lands. Be careful not to hold it for too long, or it will explode and kill you before/when you throw it. When you have a good scope, you can throw the Frag Grenade onto someone with a smaller scope, as the field of vision lets you throw the frag farther. This also applies with MIRV grenades.
  • Speed — Especially at the beginning of the game, rush to get the equipment. Avoid combat zones, unless there is something rare or something that you absolutely need. In all situations, speed can give you advantages of all sorts. To increase your speed, practice using the controls quickly, and use pills and sodas whenever you can. It should be noted that you run the fastest with fists equipped. So if you're in a hurry, and there's no nearby threat, you should just run with no weapon in your hand.
  • Stay in the circle — This is obvious, but unless you want to grab anything or revive a teammate, stay in the white outlined circle. As mentioned before, if you must dive into the red zone, be sure to have a substantial amount of adrenaline and health, especially in late game.
  • Don't go for useless clothing — If you are in a dangerous place, don't go for useless clothing unless it is Forest Camo or the Ghillie Suit, as those provide adequate camouflage. Try to avoid: Target Practice, Coral Guise, and The New Black if going for stealth, as you are easily seen.
  • Reload your weapon — If you just finished killing a person or are coming to a building, make sure to reload your weapon (R key). If you run out in the middle of gunfire, you will have to waste time reloading it and possibly die. Usually, you need to do this with shotguns and duals. Reloading is especially useful with internal magazine weapons like the M870 or Mosin-Nagant. You can also cancel reload with X. Basically, if you're not shooting, reload.
  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings — Take note of any obstacles around you. This may help save your life later on. Generally, you should stay away from explosive obstacles, especially if they are partially damaged, for obvious reasons. You never know if there's a player off-screen ready to blow you up.
  • Fast Shot — A common setup is to have a shotgun for close range and gunner for long range. Spray n' Pray weapons such as MAC-10s or G18Cs can substitute for shotguns, but their effective range is very short unless you are standing still.
  • Always account for DPS — When you find a new weapon, maybe don’t judge by clip size, but by Damage Per Second. Like the SCAR-H or AK-47, for example. The SCAR-H has less clip, (being 20 shots) but has higher damage and DPS. The AK-47, on the other hand, has more clip, (being 30 shots) but has slightly less damage per bullet and DPS. If you’re Mid to End game, always take the better DPS.
  • Pick your fights well — If you have a better scope than somebody and if they have better gear, decide when to fight or not.
  • Take cover under tables and bushes — You are able to hide in/under both bushes and tables, the latter of which will completely hide you under it. Generally, you are less noticeable under bushes when wearing Ghillie Suits or Forest Camo. Doing this is especially useful when needing to heal, reload or just wait to perform an ambush on anyone walking by. People rarely check under tables, by the way.
  • Destroy Cover — Certain walls can be destroyed by shooting them, so you are never 100% safe behind walls. Shotguns or spray n' prey weapons are very good at destroying cover, but LMG weapons such as the M249 are also given damage buffs to cover. Shotguns will destroy walls in two shots or less, and some pellets from the last shot may even go through the wall.
  • Destroy Cabinets — Cabinets and drawers can drop stuff if you punch them enough times, so keep this in mind while looting houses.
  • Conserve Ammunition — If you have a gun and come across a crate or whatnot with loot inside, DO NOT use your gun to break it open, especially with rarer ammunition types. Use your fists. By using your gun, you are wasting precious ammo which should be used for combat. Even if you have a surplus of ammo, try to be conservative with it. If you happen to be in a situation in which you must break crates with your gun, say if someone has a shotgun and you don't want them to turn it on you when you are vulnerable, feel free to do so. This strategy will help if you are low on ammo, and conserving it will increase your odds of winning. If you wish to not use this technique, you do not have to, but keep in mind that your chances of being in a situation in which you are ammo-less will skyrocket.
  • Looting — Try to take the loot in a fight if you can, as the enemy will not be able to get at it and may run out of supplies.
  • Bait them — Try to make your opponent run out of ammo. When they do, just get out and shoot them. Be careful not to get close, especially if they have a high damaging melee weapon.
  • Two birds with one stone — Try to get behind Crates when players are shooting at you. When they destroy the box, pick up for loot. Especially useful if you are low on supplies. (etc. good guns, ammo, meds)
  • Use common sense — This is quite obvious, but don't go rushing a Saiga-12 user with an M9 and no armor.
  • Expire your food — "Expire" your pills and soda by saving them until the end. When it comes down to only a few people, speed and regeneration are very helpful and necessary. However, when somebody has dealt damage to you, using pills and sodas is necessary, unless you have many unneeded med kits.
  • Go to buildings close to you — If you spawn next to a Barn, but the Police Station is on the other side of the map, loot the barn first. In fact, you probably wont have a weapon , so ,don't go to the police station for a while. Anywhere can contain good stuff, but the police station is always a war zone and will have been looted by the time you get there.
  • Pick fitting guns —It's best to not have just a shotgun and a sniper. It is usually a smart idea to have a rapid fire gun. A shotgun and a sniper does make a quick killer, but this is usually not adequate if you are playing solo-squads, as you might face large hordes of people.
  • Go to the beach — The beach always has good stuff lying around. Pirate Chests, crates, huts, and randomly spawned items are all found on the beach.
  • Find the bunkers — Egg Bunkers can be found by looking on the map for a perfect triangle of three trees. Even if it has already been looted, there is almost always a couple things left on the floor.
  • Get help from friends — If you don't know what to do in a situation, ask a friend for help!
  • Don't draw attention to yourself — Use this to your advantage, as if you keep quiet, don't fire your weapons, and use bushes especially, you may end up winning. Try to know your surroundings so that you may move from bush-to-bush. Be sure to find clothing that helps you blend into the map.
  • Stay away from "Death Zones" — Death Zones are places where it is there is a lot of players and is active, Mansion, Police Station, Hydra Bunker, Chrysanthemum Bunker and even Airdrops are like a port-a-death zone. Unless you have good armor or it is the start of a game, DON'T go towards them. Also, don't go to early airdrops, especially airdrops in the red zone and in the water, as those are extremely likely from Flare Guns and there might be players there. Death Zones are areas with lots of people, thus lots of deaths as people kill each other.
  • If you are going into "Death Zones" - Load up on adrenaline. It is guaranteed that you will get in a fight. When in the melee, there aren't as many chances to heal up. the Adrenaline will help. the painkillers and the good ol' soda should do it.
  • If you have a flare gun with ammo in the early game - You can usually wait until the Red Zone comes and go inside it. This will make many players veer away toward you, and you can then fire your Flare Gun and have an airdrop all to yourself. Be sure to note that this only applies in the early game, when the Red Zone is weak.


  • Quick-switching — This is the act of rapidly changing your weapon after firing it. Certain guns have a massive speed reduction after firing, as well as a delay before you can fire again, and by switching to your secondary right after shooting it you can negate these factors. This helps for guns such as the SPAS-12 or any of the snipers. To perform the technique, make sure you have two loaded guns in your inventory. When it comes time to use it, shoot and switch to the other one. Reload, shoot again and switch again, and so on. This is good for applying a quick burst of damage at the beginning of combat. You can use the "Q" key to automatically switch to your last used weapon. In an update, they made it so the M870 could not be quickswitched, because the developer thought quick switching M870's was too overpowered.
  • Grenade pressuring — This technique is easy to use and extremely effective, however it is not at all well known. When you are chasing someone around a shipping container, an outhouse or a silo, throw a grenade without cooking. Continue chasing but try to force them into the grenade. 9 out of 10 times they will run away or charge at you, enabling you to easily shoot them with no structure in the way. If they don't run away, they will get killed by the grenade.
  • Sneaky Explosives — When your opponent next to a barrel, control panel, or other explosive objects, shoot the explosive, dealing massive amounts of damage to the enemy.
  • Explosive Smoke — If your opponent is hiding in smoke, run in the smoke, drop a few grenades, and run out. Your opponent will have no idea you threw grenades and will get exploded.
  • Explosive Bullet — Although this works for all play styles, it works best for snipers. Drop some loot near a damaged explosive and hide nearby. When the opponent walks up to take the loot, shoot the explosive, killing them.
  • Surviv - Run n' Gun Switch Glitch

    Run n' Gun This is effective in combat due to your extra movement, if you switching gunslots really fast (normaly keybound to "T") you'll move a few pixels further for each switch. Doing this makes you a little faster in combat and movement and that can save your life once or twice. You doesn't really know if it works or not if you not activly looking for it. This glitch was found by K33J and is currency showed on FilipKZ's channel.
  • Door Mastery — This is a technique that is very useful while inside a building. This technique requires you to be behind a door with a breakable wall. Stay at a safe position around the door, making it so if the other person pulls out a shotgun, they won't be able to shoot you if they open the door and fire. However, you can also close the door every time the other person opens it up. What you want to do is to take a fast firing gun, MAC-10 or Vector recommended. Shoot at and break the wall with the door and pull out your Shotgun to fire at the other person. They will either die or lose a tremendous amount of health. From here you can finish them off with your fists, or another Shotgun. New tip: use metal doors to deflect bullets.
  • Door Surprising — EXTREMELY effective technique. Find any bunker, like the Storm Bunker or Hydra Bunker, and peek inside to make sure there either is an inhabitant, or extremely likely to be one. Close the metal door leading up the stairs and back up. IMPORTANT: be entirely clear of the stairs or the person downstairs can see you! Take any close range weapon (MP220 preferred, but any shotgun, or even spray gun, will work) and wait for someone to poke out. As soon as that noisy door opens, you blast them. NOTE: Basic Bunkers are one room and fairly obvious if you peek in on someone, and Conch Bunkers have two possible exits.
    • Also works — when inside Hydra or Conch Bunkers, camping behind automatic sliding doors when you see/hear another person entering the bunker (noisy stair doors), or in the Vector room with known people looting the Hydra Lab (they'll check the room eventually, its principle). Works because each room in a Hydra or Conch Bunker is revealed separately as you walk around them, but beware some visibility between rooms from ceiling grates.
  • Blind Swinging — Smoke Grenades, useless no more! Until Melee Weapons were added, smoke grenades weren't very good for their intended purpose as a range equalizer, since spraying blindly around when you and an opponent are both covered by smoke is more wasteful than effective and generally doesn't land many hits. HOWEVER, chances are your adversary is within arm's reach, so why not bring out your melee and aimlessly swing it around? As long as you walk about the cloud a bit, you're bound to connect a few hits. Besides, it beats the alternative to blindfire; sitting around doing nothing until the smoke clears. However, going to an edge of the smoke and spraying back and forth while moving is more effective, so blind swinging works best when you have low ammo.
    • Also works — Spam a bunch of grenades all around the smoke. As they will be completely hidden from view, all you will have to do is exit the smoke right when they are about to explode, in order to act inconspicuous. This is usually very effective if your opponent is healing.
  • From the Grave — If you know you are about to die, drop a few Frag Grenades and if the enemy isn't paying attention, they will be blown to smithereens as you get the last laugh.
  • Ego Destroyer — Basically, you want to equip the most annoying emotes in Surviv for this to work. I recommend the Joy emote, thinking emote, salt emote, and dab emote. Death emote should be the joy emote. Spam emotes at your opponents, they'd probably get angry. Also, for extra effect, spin your Survivr around really fast. This will probably enrage your opponent and cause their performance in-game to go down.
  • Kamikaze I — Throw a frag grenade and stand right on top of it so you will blow up. The frag grenade will be covered by your body so hopefully, people will try to take the opportunity of killing an AFK player with their fists. Usually, though, you will just explode yourself.
  • Kamikaze II — Mostly useful in squads, if you find yourself in a bad position where many people are targeting you and you have little or no equipment and no weapons, head for the nearest barrel and explode the barrel so the enemy won't get the kill and maybe hopefully you will damage the enemy. This is such an extremely toxic thing to do that even most trollers and team killers avoid it. Don't do it.
  • In The Hatch - When an enemy is healing or reviving a teammate in a room with one entrance, throw a grenade and close the door. The enemy will stop reviving/healing and run out of the room. They will be weak if they are healing and their teammate will be dead if they were reviving.

Play Styles

There are a few play styles that most players often align with. They depend on loadouts, gear, and how the player performs in the game. Of course, you may play as multiple of these types of styles, or none at all. These aren't here to instruct you that you MUST do one of these; they're just here to inform you of the different types of play styles.

  • Sniper — This is simple to learn but hard to master. Basically stay far away, with at least a 4x Scope. Arm yourself (anything will do, but a Mosin Nagant, MK 12 SPR, M39 EMR, SV-98 or AWM-S) is preferable for their range, damage, accuracy and bullet speed). That's all there is to it. Stay away from everyone, and if they chase you, run while taking cover. Note that you can see farther to the sides of your characters than above and below. When fighting someone with a smaller scope than you, take advantage of their limited vision and shoot at them from above or below them, instead of to the sides. Further, take advantage of the environment by shooting barrels and ovens, destroying cover, or shooting people as they go for loot.
  • Medic — Go around the map collecting various medical supplies (ex. Pills, Soda, Bandage, and Med Kit) and drop these items for your team or random players that you find on the map. Smoke Grenades are also useful to carry as a medic in order to cause distractions, get out of sticky situations, or to heal a teammate.
  • Gunner — Get a fast firing gun (ex. MAC-10, MP5, M416, DP-28 or Vector). Now you have choices. 1. Charge like a savage and just hold down the fire button in the general direction of the enemy and hope they die before you do. 2. Hide around a corner, under the table, in some smoke, the vault, etc. and when they come close, unleash the bullets. 3. Fight them normally.
  • Close Range — Get a shotgun (M870, MP220, Saiga-12 or SPAS-12) and target starters or snipers. Don't fight gunners if possible as they will overwhelm you with bullets. Snipers have a slow rate of fire, so get them right after they shoot. Starters don't have weapons except for fists, so if they come close, shoot them, and otherwise for kills, don't chase them as it is a waste of time.
  • Melee — Use your fists or a melee weapon (Knives or Wood Axe) and get Sodas, Pills and maybe Smoke Grenades, if you know how to use them correctly. Be extremely cautious while fighting Gunners and Shot-gunners and try to dodge their bullets, using the speed from adrenaline to your advantage to close the distance to attack them with your fists or melee weapons. Snipers are easier to fight, as they only fire one bullet at a time. Not advisable for new players.
  • Passive — Get a few weapons (preferably close range), then go to the middle of the map. Hide in a bush and stay there. If the play zone changes move inside and then hide. Keep waiting until there are only a few enemies left — There will be a plenty of leftover loots. Get them without being detected. Avoid combat as long as possible — The ideal situation is that you finish off the last remaining player when they are vulnerable after combat. This is a very good playstyle for those who are not confident and/or those who just want to get to the high rank at all costs. This may be very boring, so having something else to work on while hiding in the bushes might help.
  • Guerrilla — This technique is similar to passive, but a little more offensive.  It involves hiding, but also involves attacking at the right time.  You need to find a good spot to hide, especially in bushes or overlapping trees. If you are a good player, hide under tables or other stuff in the Mansion, Barn, or House. When you see someone coming you attack, with full force.  whatever gun you use doesn't particularly matter, but it's better to use a small SMG or just an automatic weapon, like the MP5 or the MAC-10, because they have nice fire rates, and don't stick out of a bush while you're hiding.  Another way, which requires a bit of finesse, is smoking a grenade for about 5 and-a-half seconds, and then jumping out of the bushes when an enemy is near.  If the grenade is thrown correctly, you can end up injuring and/or killing at least one opponent.  If not, then you might die. (Note: This works especially well in close quarters, like in houses with bushes, because the enemy has nowhere to run.)
  • Demolition Man — In this tactic, you must use mainly grenades to attack your enemies and smoke grenades to hide and confuse an enemy. Cooking grenades are vital in this playstyle as once you weaken your victim you can go in for the kill using a weapon of high power such as the SV-98 or an M870 or a weapon of high fire rates such as the MAC-10 or Vector. Always hide in bushes typically in-house bushes for a more limited area to escape for your enemy.
  • Border Patrol — Useful late game. If someone is looting in the red zone or fighting in the red zone, go to that area and shoot at them while staying in the save zone. The massive damage and your bullets will most likely cause them to die. However, their loot will be in the red zone.

Counterattacks For Playstyles

  • Snipers — Try to get up close and personal as their DMR and/or Bolt Action will be useless at close ranges. If they have an AWM though, be careful, as you might accidentally get them a step closer to KFC. However, if they are a bad shot, they may waste their ammo quickly.
  • Gunners — Sniping is a good idea try to be hidden or have cover. Grenades are also useful for making them back off.
  • Close range — Just like snipers, but the exact opposite. Attack them from far away, and never get close to them. If they have a SPAS, then you gotta stay a little farther back.
  • Melee — Stay as far away from them as possible, at ALL COSTS! If you have a shotgun, blast them.
  • Passive — These players usually avoid fighting, so if you spot one, go after them. They probably won't retaliate.
  • Guerilla — Just like Passive, but these guys can actually defend themselves.
  • Demolition Man — Well, just stay away from the grenades, but if it's late game, the red zone is really small, and you encounter one of these bad boys...
  • Teamers — Similar to pacifists, but want a friend they will never get. 'Team' with them, grab a Saiga-12 or MP220 and randomly backstab them. They deserve it. Also, it is useful to note that most teamers are terrible at the game, so it would be easy to dispose of these human wastes with only fists.
  • Shotgun Shogun — Grab an MP220 and a SPAS-12. If you can't find a SPAS-12, an M870 will do. The SPAS-12 is used for long range and the MP220 is used for short range. This combo can be really good if used right.


  • Two MP220s — This combo is not the best but will do as a "poor-man's Saiga-12". If you're quick with the Q, this can be for you. It's quite useful if you are bad at close range quick clicking as you have 4 chances instead of 2.
  • SV-98/Mosin Nagant/AWM and SPAS-12 — A sniper and a sniping shotgun. What could be better than that if you have a great scope? It is recommended to shoot with the SPAS-12 first then the SV/Mosin/AWM. If the target is moving perpendicular from you, shoot with the SV/Mosin/AWM as they might go for you. With this setup however, it's best to keep a general distance from players, since the SPAS-12 is not as good as other shotguns in CQC.
  • Saiga 12 and M249 — KFC, here I come! Obviously, these two are extremely rare to get, so don't get your hopes up.
  • MP5 and MP220 — MP5 is used for long range combat and MP220 when they get close. Not much to explain here.
  • SCAR-H/QBB-97 and Saiga-12 — Essentially the same as M249 + Saiga, but a slightly lower, but still pretty high chance of winning
  • Dual G18Cs and MP220 — Close ranged madness. Great for clearing out bunkers.
  • Two M870/SPAS-12/Mosin/AWM-S/SV-98 — Just quick switch. Easy kills.
  • G18C and OT-38 — It may sound rather stupid, but these two guns are surprisingly efficient while in early game.
  • MAC-10 and MK12 SPR/M39 EMR — An upgrade to #8, it is more reliable and desirable mid-late game
  • SMG (except UMP9)/MP220/Pan — Try to get as close as possible to the enemy, protect yourself with a pan and unload the magazines, if it survives, finish him with a pan. It would be good to have over 50% of adrenaline.
  • QBB-97 and MP220 — Both are very rare. The QBB-97 can destroy at a long range, while the MP220 is arguably the best shotgun close-range at around 562.5 DPS (Damage Per Second).
  • 2 SV98/Mosin Nagant/One of each — Obviously pretty rare to find, but it has happened before. And yes, this strategy actually works... if you are good.
  • M1 Garand/M39 EMR/ MK12 SPR and MP220 — The DMR destroys shotgun users especially "poor man's saiga" with enough skill and adrenaline. The DMR tempts the player to draw closer, allowing you to finish them off with preferably a Saiga-12, but an MP220 works almost as good. This may be uncomfortable with an 8x scope, because of the shotgun.
  • Saiga-12/MP220 and SPAS-12 This combo works because the SPAS-12 is a very good mid-range weapon, it's range extending to the edge of the 4x scope area. Because of the tighter grouping, the SPAS is more like an AR/MG. This may be difficult when sporting an 8x scope because the SPAS can't fire that far, but as long as you good adrenaline you can run up to an enemy and use this combo against them. Perfect for a shotgun lover!
  • Mac-10 and MP5 — This combo is efficient because the Mac-10 is quite a beast at close range, and the MP5 with its great accuracy works at long range, and can even finish off closer ranged enemies!

Weapon Tactics


Shotguns can be found all over the island, and with them come their own unique methods of attacking.

  • Storm Method — I know you are wondering what this one is, but you have already used it, I just named it. The storm method is where you find a way to trap someone. After this, you shoot them with a shotgun, but the spray doesn't let them escape. I named it storm method, after the red storm (Red Zone) that closes in on you.
  • Siege Method — This one is simple. You chase after someone, shooting them as they run. The trick is that they will be surrounded by the bullets and can't escape. They will eventually die. A sub-tactic to use here is to have high adrenaline, making you faster than them, allowing you to catch up.
  • Squad Attack — If you are ever up against a whole squad by yourself, attack with a shotgun. The shotgun will spread, shooting multiple of them at once.


Snipers are rare but can be found pretty much anywhere. Snipers are usually only useful with a good scope, but if you can quickswitch well, they are some of the best in the game. These weapons require the highest skill to use.

  • 8+ Attack — This method is where you use a large scope (8x or 15x) to kill someone. The good thing with all snipers in is the fact that they are incredibly accurate, allowing this method of attacking to work. This attack doesn't require an 8x scope, just a scope larger than the person you are planning to attack. Since you don't know what scope they have, it is safer to use an 8x scope or a 15x scope, but this method will still work with 4x scope.
  • Squad Snipes — This is one of this editor's personal favorite methods of attacking. If you are playing squad and you have a sniper, try to gain your teammates a sniper as well. You can all bunch up, pointing different directions with your snipers, so when you shoot them, it is like a shotgun-sniper mix. Good for taking out small targets trying to run away. This method only works if you are in a squad with people you know, that way you can communicate what you are going to do.
  • Quickswitch — Without using this skill, snipers are pretty much useless. If you quickly switch weapons, you will not slow down after firing, and by perfecting this skill, you'll be able to wipe out entire squads at close range. With a sniper. Quickswitching also works on M870, SPAS-12, and Saiga-12, although most people do not quickswitch the Saiga, because it has an insanely fast fire rate. By setting a custom keybind in the lower right corner, you can set the "Swap Weapon" key to whatever suits you. Press this key immediately after firing a sniper.
  • Double Pump — If you have 2 snipers or a sniper and a shotgun, you can do a "double quickswitch" by firing one, quickswitching, firing the other, and quickswitching back. This takes a lot of skill and it is best to learn to quickswitch before working on a double pump.
  • Close Range Assassin — Snipers are known for their usefulness at range, not in close quarter combat. If you are in a building where there is a wall separating you and your opponent (like the back door of the police station), you can land an easy shot by going inside for a second and shooting, lowering their health.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

  • Spam Click — If you click as fast as you can, these can turn very powerful, especially in mid-range open fighting situations.
  • Mobile Playing — I know it seems odd, but as mobile players get a built-in auto clicker, a semi-automatic rifle can be quite overpowered. However, as it is generally harder to play on mobile, you should not play on mobile solely to use semi-automatic rifles. But if you already are on mobile, they are some of the best choices.
  • Ranged Standstill Attack — Since all weapons have better accuracy when you are still, the semi-automatic rifles are some of the best for this as they have practically 100% standstill accuracy and extremely fast shots. Stand far away from your opponent, with a higher scope, and spam click at them. Most shots will hit and the opponent will usually die. If they seek cover behind rocks or a small structure, you can equip a short-range weapon and grenade pressure.


LMGs (Light Machine Gun) and SMGs (Sub-Machine Gun) are very similar in the fact that they both fire pretty fast. Because of that, they have similar tactics used for attacking.

  • Ranged Machine Attack — This method is very powerful against shotguns because they have limited range. Take advantage of that fact and shoot them from afar. This method also works with snipers, but remember to quickswitch.
  • Spiral of Bullets — This interesting method of attacking is called "Spiral" of bullets for a reason. In this attack, you spin in circles, firing as you go. By now, you probably think this attack sounds stupid, but it is good as a last resort if you are surrounded by a whole squad. Also, if you ever need to waste a bit of ammo for some reason, this method is just fun to do to waste it, considering the fact that you might accidentally hit some unsuspecting player.
  • Storm Tactic — In this attack, you chase after someone, rapidly hitting them with bullets at the same time. This also works with assault rifles, like the AK-47, HK416, M4A1-S, or FAMAS.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles remind me of machine guns. A lot of the tactics can be the same, as both have similar fire rates.

  • AK Storm — This attack pretty much works with any assault rifle, unless they are burst, in which that case, the attack will take longer. The main gist of this method is to keep a concentrated fire on one person, eventually killing them. But because AK-47s are quite common, this attack is super powerful if you are on squad/duo and someone else is helping you with backup.
  • Classic Table Troll — To start off this trap, you have to find a normal, red house. You need to hit the oven down until it is smoking. Then, after that, you need to get someone to chase you. You will pretend to be on the run when actually you are luring them to a trap. In order for this to work, though, you need to be reasonably far in front of them. As you run, you go into the house and hide under the table. Pull out an assault rifle and wait until they come in. Once they come in the door, shoot the oven rapidly, killing them practically instantly. This can work with many other types of weapons.
  • Hydra Ricochet — Take advantage of small metal rooms. (e.g. Hydra bunker vector room, mansion vault, bunkers, etc.) Bullets bounce on metal, so whenever anyone comes into your little base, all you have to do is provide a steady stream of bullets against the wall and they will get hit.


Pistols are by far the most common type of gun found on the island. They are also the only type of gun you can dual-wield.

  • Bushing Tactic — Since these guns are so small, if you bush camp, you can hide handguns in there with you. If anyone ever passes by, they will be destroyed! Works well with dual handguns.
  • Splatter Shot — Go for Dual Glocks, they have a wide spray combined with high fire rate and are really effective when used in close-range situations.
  • Handgun Sniping — Since the DEagle 50 is one of the most accurate guns in the game, if you have a good scope, you can turn this handgun into a sniper. DEagles also do massive damage, making DEagle snipes very deadly. The only problem is that you will have limited .50ae ammo with the DEagle, so don't waste any of it.
  • Bam Bam! - OTs are pretty underrated. They do pretty nice damage and are pretty accurate. Spam clicking with the Duel OTs can do a ton of damage. Duel OTs work as a good substitute for Semi - Auto rifles.


Grenades can be found anywhere, but if you really need some, look for a grenade chest. In the recent docks update(Version 0.4.0), you can see grenade chests on the map. Grenade chests always contain frags or smokes.

  • Speed method — If you have high adrenaline (50% or more) you move faster than normal. This feature helps a lot but comes in real handy for this strategy. First off, holding down with a grenade will allow you to throw it and blow up immediately, but this can be dangerous, because if you hold it down for longer than four seconds... *Boom*. If you have high adrenaline, you will run faster while holding down on a grenade, making it ideal for chasing someone. You just chase after them while holding on a frag grenade. After a few seconds, let it go, and they will (hopefully) blow up.
  • Hidden grenadier — Smoke grenades can come in very handy. To use this method of attacking, throw a smoke near a battle. Hopefully, someone will see you trying to hide and come into the smoke cloud. As they do that, they won't be able to see you, allowing you time to hold down on a frag. Throw the frag and run away. Hopefully, they will get blown up, but this can work better if you throw more than one frag and more than one smoke.
  • The big barrel blow-up — Sometimes barrels spawn relatively close to each other. This can be helpful, considering if someone comes near, all you need is one grenade, and the whole area goes Ka-Blooey. Usually, this method results in you dying as well, but if timed right, you can survive and still kill five people at once. This is efficient in the main room in the Conch Bunker.
  • In the Tank — This strategy is useful in squads/duos. If a squad member got knocked out and a teammate is reviving him in a room, open the room door, throw a grenade, and close the door. Cooking the grenade is effective but you may be seen cooking the grenade.
  • The Container is for loot, not for a shield — If your opponent is hiding behind a container, cook a grenade and throw it to one side. your opponent will run away from the grenade and will (probably) go into the open.


Note: Feel Free to Categorize ANY of the following into a correct category

  • Hide in a bush near a barrel, then surprise a nearby player by making the barrel blow up using a gun. Collect loot (or leave some to attract players) and repeat. Useful as you can:
    • Collect a lot of good loot
    • Get a lot of kills
    • Get on the leaderboard!
  • When you break crates and you have better guns already, take only the ammo. This will ensure that you have enough ammo for new guns if needed or your current guns.
  • Hide under a table in a house. Because tables act like bushes but are opaque, this troll allows you to shoot players that are trying to loot the house while staying completely hidden.
  • If you have no guns, try running at someone with your fists and dodging at the same time. this will work most of the time as long as you keep dodging. this will confuse the player trying to shoot you.
  • Hide in a bunker and close the door, make sure you have a weapon (MP220 works best). and when another player enters, open fire.
  • Stay behind a gold rack in the bank. Keep the vault door open. Wait until another player comes or the red zone closes in. If you see a player outside the vault, block shoot or ricochet.
  • Go into the shack and break the wall leading to the crate/barrel. Hit the barrel 6 times(7 times and it goes kaboom), then go stand in the corner with an M9 or an OT-38. Drop extra loot if the crate is gone. When victims try to take the loot, say "Bye-Bye" and blow 'em up. Try to position yourself next to high-populated areas(police station, mansion, bank, hydra bunker, etc). Note that armoured players with full hp might take a "finishing touch". This is a great strategy to use if your only weapon is a pistol (rip). [NOTE]: You can stand next to the barrel and take 'em down with you (if you have no weapons)
  • Grab a Ghillie suit, or if that's too hard, Forest Camo or Woodland Combat (NOTE: you have to find a storage area or shack with a tree next to it, so Ghillie Suits are better and easier). Hold an MP220 (MP220, NOT A Saiga-12) and when someone walks by, set them up for a date with the home screen.
  • Throwing grenades into small spaces with metal walls like Bunkers and the Bank Vault. These frags will be impossible to dodge and deal massive damage to anyone inside due to the ricochet effect they have.

Weapons and their Pros and Cons

Name Advantages Disadvantages
  • Can kill unarmored players in 5 well-landed punches.
  • Ironically high damage per second.
  • Good movement speed.
  • As a melee weapon, you'll obviously need to get really close to your enemy.
  • Does more damage than the Fists.
  • Same movement speed as the Fists.
  • Only does 3 extra damage.
  • Variants are statistically the same to each other
Wood Axe
  • Does 36 damage.
  • Can break obstacles and Crates more easily.
  • Same movement speed as the fists.
  • Can break Ammo Crates.
  • Axe head is large and is hard to fit inside of a bush (unless you have Frag Grenades).
  • Much slower than knives/Fists
  • Can do 60 damage!
  • Reflects bullets.
  • If you have a gun equipped, the pan will go on your back so you still have a shield.
  • Rare. Only in Airdrop
  • Sticks out so its also hard to hide in bushes.
  • People might target you.
  • Slow swinging rate.
  • Can do 40 damage.
  • Can hit multiple targets at once with its cleave effect.
  • Can break Ammo Crates.
  • Rare. Only found in the Chrysanthemum Bunker
  • Very large blade, hard to hide with.
  • It is a unique item and might lure people to you.
  • You need to know the Chrysanthemum Bunker code to access this weapon.
Frag Grenade
  • Can be cooked.
  • Can be used to lure enemies out of areas.
  • Doesn't give away position while hiding in a bush.
  • Common.
  • Easy to dodge.
  • Vulnerable while cooking grenade.
  • Does not have a long range.
  • You can easily blow yourself up if you or your teammates are not careful.
Smoke Grenade
  • Can be used for hiding and baiting.
  • Common.
  • Obviously doesn't do damage.
  • Can be used by enemies to hide or surprise attack you.
  • Cannot be cooked.
  • Reduces view to x1 scope
  • Enemies may drop Frag Grenades in the smoke.
  • Can be dual-wielded.
  • Very common.
  • 9mm ammo is common.
  • Compact.
  • Hey, at least it's better than nothing.
  • Low damage, accuracy, and range.
  • Very common.
  • Very common ammo.
  • Decent range for an SMG.
  • Accurate.
  • Compact.
  • Low damage when compared to rifles.
  • Can be dual-wielded.
  • Compact.
  • High firerate, especially when dual-wielding.
  • Super small mag size.
  • Uses ammo very quickly.
  • Very long reload, especially when dual-wielded.
  • Inaccurate.
  • Extremely low damage per hit.
  • High firerate.
  • Quick reload for its magazine size.
  • Big mag size.
  • Compact.
  • Common ammo.
  • Inaccurate.
  • Short ranged.
  • Low damage per hit
  • Quick reload.
  • Good damage output.
  • Accurate.
  • Long ranged.
  • Compact.
  • Easier to aim with burst.
  • Burst is not helpful at close range combat.
  • Slow pause between bursts.
  • Very common ammo.
  • Fires very fast.
  • Accurate.
  • Compact.
  • Fastest single reload speed in the game.
  • .45 ACP version is an upgrade from the original 9mm version.
  • One of the rarer guns in game.
  • Uses ammo very quickly.
  • The place where it is most common usually has many people around.
  • Low damage per hit.
  • .45 ACP version is only limited time
  • High damage output, can one-shot a player without armor
  • Reloading is done 1 round at a time which is useful if not all rounds are spent.
  • Slow fire rate.
  • Reduces player speed after firing.
  • Takes longer to reload when magazine is empty.
  • Common
  • Shoots 18 bullets per shot
  • Reloads one by one
  • Fires really fast
  • Have to be very close to an enemy to be very effective.
  • Each bullet does 4 damage
  • Small magazine size
  • 2 fast shots that can kill a player very quickly.
  • Compact.
  • Very small capacity.
  • Slow reload.
  • Automatic.
  • Relatively high capacity.
  • Reloads all at once.
  • Short range.
  • Rare.
  • Not as fast as the MP220.
  • High range and tight grouping.
  • Highest capacity of all shotguns.
  • The fact that rounds are reloaded one at a time is useful for topping off non-full magazines.
  • Less damage than other 2 shotguns.
  • Less viable in CQC than other Shotguns.
  • Pretty high damage for a pistol.
  • High accuracy.
  • Common
  • Can be Dual-Wielded
  • Small clip capacity.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • High rate of fire.
  • Good accuracy.
  • High mag size.
  • Decent damage.
  • Not good at close range combat.
  • Ammo is not too common.
  • Long range.
  • Accurate.
  • Fast firing.
  • High velocity.
  • High damage.
  • Not good at close range.
  • Uncommon gun.
  • Large magazine size.
  • High damage.
  • Higher damage against cover.
  • Inaccurate.
  • Long reload.
  • Player slowed a lot when firing.
  • High damage.
  • High velocity.
  • Accurate.
  • Horrible at close range, if you cannot quickswitch very well.
  • Slow firing because of bolt-action.
  • Tiny magazine.
  • Accurate.
  • High damage.
  • Long range.
  • Small magazine.
  • Quite rare.
  • High damage.
  • High velocity.
  • Accurate.
  • Bigger magazine than the Mosin.
  • Horrible at close range if you cannot quickswitch very well.
  • Slow firing due to bolt-action.
  • Rare.
M1 Garand
  • High damage per hit.
  • High accuracy.
  • The last shot creates an audible "ping" noise which can notify the user if their weapon is empty.
  • The ping can also notify enemies of an empty clip.
  • Overrated for a golden airdrop weapon.
  • Poor at close quarters combat.
  • Small magazine capacity.
  • Accurate.
  • Good range.
  • Decent damage.
  • Fast reload.
  • Doesn't use up ammo too quickly
  • Easier to aim with burst
  • Burst firing isn't reliable at assault rifle attacks.
  • Slow pauses between burst.
  • More accurate Spray n Pray weapon.
  • Fast fire rate.
  • Better at CQC than other rifles.
  • Can be used as a decently effective close-range weapon.
  • Not accurate for a rifle.
  • Wastes ammo pretty quickly.
Mk 12 SPR
  • Faster firing than the M39 EMR.
  • High accuracy.
  • Good range.
  • Good damage.
  • Bad at close range combat.
  • Less powerful than the M39 EMR.
  • Huge mag.
  • Very fast firing.
  • Enormous DPS.
  • Gotta admit, the sight of one of these is very intimidating.
  • Extremely rare.
  • Long reload.
  • People may target you to get the weapon itself.
  • Slows you down while firing.
  • Horrible at close range.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Good damage.
  • Huge magazine.
  • High fire rate.
  • Pretty slow movement speed when firing.
  • Rare gun, only found in airdrops.
DEagle 50
  • Good accuracy.
  • High damage.
  • Can be dual-wielded.
  • Compact.
  • Limited ammo.
  • Small magazine capacity.
  • Rare.
  • Massive damage. Can 1-shot most armored players.
  • High accuracy and range.
  • Low bullet velocity for a sniper.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Extremely rare ammo.
  • Doesn't make a lot of noise.
  • Bullets are faded and slightly transparent.
  • Looks a bit like an M416 or an Mk 12 SPR so people wont target you.
  • Very long range.
  • Fast fire rate
  • Suppressed, therefore the bullets are faded and slightly transparent.
  • Only found in Golden Airdrops.
  • Bad at close combat.
  • Burns though ammo quickly
Flare Gun
  • Can spawn in an armor piercing two hundred damage airdrop that will instantly kill any poor survivr that it lands on.
  • Can get you good loot ranging from a QBB-97 to a Ghillie Suit to an AWM-S.
  • Does a whopping 0 damage
  • Very rare ammo
  • Cannot be fired indoors
  • The airdrop notification will still appear on other players screens, giving away your position.
Peacemaker (Event)
  • Does a lot of damage in CQC
  • Can be duelwielded
  • Long reload
  • Small Mag size
Model 94 (Event)
  • Has a decent mag size
  • Reloads bullets one by one
  • Slightly smaller damage than other DMRs
  • Shoots slower than a DMR
BAR M1918
  • Fastest reload of the LMG class
  • Decent damage
  • Increased damage to obstacles
  • Uses common ammo
  • Accurate moving accuracy
  • Lowest magazine capacity of the LMG class
  • Small magazine size
  • Rare, only known to be found in airdrops and hatchet crates
  • Burst fire mode allows for more accurate shots
  • Decent magazine capacity
  • Can be dual wielded
  • Short delays between burst compared to the UMP9 and FAMAS
  • Terrible in CQC Due to being burst-fire only
MIRV Grenade
  • Can be cooked
  • explodes to smaller grenades for more damage
  • Doesn't give away position when hiding
  • Can clear up a large amount of obstacles.
  • Can knockout an enemy and then finish them off before they crawl away
  • Even more dangerous than the Frag Grenade if not careful
  • Decently rare
  • Faces the same problems Frag Grenades faces
  • You can easily damage yourself
  • Can attack in "full automatic" attack
  • High damage per second
  • Fast movement speed
  • Lowest damage of all the other weapons of its category
  • Rare (Only found in Pirate Chests)
Fire Axe (Event)
  • Does 14 more points of damage than the Wood Axe (so 44 damage)
  • Possess ability to destroy obstacles fast and can destroy ammo crate
  • Fast movement speed as any melee weapon
  • Rare, only found in Autumn Maps
  • Large red axehead is hard to conceal in hiding spots
  • Slower attack speed than the Wood Axe
M1911 (Event)
  • Decent damage
  • Used common ammo
  • Very decent fire rate
  • Poor ammo capacity
  • arguably worse than the M9
M1A1 (Event)
  • Good early tier weapon
  • Uses common ammo
  • decent damage
  • Usefulness declines later game
  • Same problems applies from the MP5
USAS-12 (Event)
  • High magazine capacity of 10
  • Shoots explosive rounds
  • Long range for a shotgun
  • All shots reloaded at once
  • Automatic
  • Dangerous to use in CQC due to explosive rounds
  • Extremely rare
  • Precision aiming required
  • Common
  • Shoots 18 bullets per shot
  • Reloads one by one
  • Fires really fast
  • Have to be very close to an enemy to be very effective.
  • Each bullet does 4 damage
  • Small magazine size

Frequently Asked Questions

For a different list, see for Newbies

Q: MP5 or the MAC-10?

A: MP5 is accurate and is useful in all situations but MAC-10 is good in close range as its a Spray N' Pray weapon. MAC-10 is also useful in Bunkers but the MP5 is good in bunkers if you are good at ricocheting. Be careful when using the MAC-10 for ricocheting, as its unpredictability could turn the weapon against you. These two can also work surprisingly well as an early-mid game combo.

Q: AK-47 or the M416?

A: Again, these are two similar weapons in the same category. Just like the MAC-10 vs MP5 debate, the AK-47 is accurate and longer ranged, but the M416 has a higher fire rate and has better DPS, except because of its accuracy, it's DPS falls behind the AK-47's DPS after about the edge of a 2x scope. It really depends on what your secondary weapon is, and how much ammo you have.

Q: My weapon uses ammo up too quickly!

A: Try shooting in bursts, it tends to be just as useful for accuracy but uses up less ammo. Also, go for green and blue ammo whenever you have the opportunity as they are more rare.

Q: How do you drop items? My teammate needs a Med Kit.

A: Right click on the item you want to drop. Works on everything except for Fists, 1x scopes and your current Backpack. Note that Bandages and ammo drop in large quantities.

Misc Trivia

This area is for trivia that doesn't fit into any page.

  • It is possible to get a Zero Person Alive game. For that to happen, the winner needs to die before the camera freezes to show the stats.