Welcome to the Wiki! is a popular top-down battle royale game in which players spawn on an island and gear up to fight each other to be the last one standing and win the chicken dinner. As well as having outstanding mechanics and game knowledge, players must choose from a variety of different weapons, armor, skins, and utility items in order to outplay their opponents and survive. Pages

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How to Play
Useful for beginners. Feel free to ask questions and find answers.
Weapons are the primary means of damage and enable players to deal damage to other players.
There are four types of equipment: Helmets, Vests, Packs, and Scopes. 
Consumables are vital to regenerating and maintaining player health.
Skins are a cosmetic game element to change the look of players.
A list of all the different buildings and locations in the game.
Obstacles provide visual and/or physical cover from other players.
Destroyable containers that drop various loot upon destruction. 
The history of through its entire changelog.
Surviv Help Center
From FAQs to tips and tricks, visit the Surviv Help Center to help you succeed in the game.

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Recent Updates

Nov. 17, 2018 - South America online

We've officially broken out our South America servers into their own region. To play in this region, select South America from the region selector.

November 13, 2018 - Sands through our fingers

It’s time to put out the fire and call in the dogs: the desert rain event is now over.

We're busy prepping our next update, but in the meantime, you can forage for leaks on our Discord server or get blasted by memes on our Instagram

November 9, 2018 - Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon

The desert rain is falling again, and the weather isn't the only thing that's changing. Two additional .45 ACP firearms join the Peacemaker and Model 94: the M1911 pistol and M1A1 submachine gun. Both are commonly found weapons with power levels on par with the M9 and MP5, respectively. And speaking of 9mm guns, you won't find any in the desert this week!

Of course, what's a desert without a proper deserted town? Head down main street and find a what's what of Island buildings, including the police station, bank, two cabins and a fine barn. If you're feeling parched, mosey on down to the saloon for a cold beverage and a happifying tune.

As per usual, flare gun spawns are massively increased in this mode. Strike now while the iron is hot, because the desert rains will only fall for a limited time!