Shotguns are a type of weapon in All shotguns use 12 gauge (Red) ammunition. Shotguns are used the most out of all the gun types in the game, due to their high damage.


Name Description
MP220 This weapon is a double-barrel shotgun with a reload time of 2.6 and a delay of 200 miliseconds, making it the fastest firing shotgun. It can kill an unarmored player quite quickly with 2 shots. It has a capacity of 2 making it very annoying to reload all the time. It, and the M870 are controversial guns, both having staunch fans and those who oppose it. The MP220's two rapidly firing shots are formidable, balanced by the reload time, the gun's main drawback.
M870 This shotgun is a simple, common pump-action shotgun with a capacity of 5 making it great for people who hate having to reload during battle. It could be a very useful weapon with a delay of 900 milliseconds and a reload time of 0.75 seconds for each round. Its best to reload by pressing (R) when you don't have 5 rounds loaded in already make sure to do this when you have cover or know you're safe. It is also controversial, as the delay between shots and the movement speed decrease after firing is a major drawback. However, that can be compensated with quickswitching.
Saiga-12 This is the MP220s great fire rate mixed in with M870s ammunition capacity making it extremely OP yet extremely rare to find. Don't overestimate it doesn't have much range and should carry an Assault Rifle, LMG, DMR, or SMG in your secondary, since, for example, the SV-98 and Mosin-Nagant have great range and great damage per shot and thus could easily defeat a Saiga-12 if they are far enough apart. The weapon if found should be used in close range and tight space areas such as in buildings that don't have much space to run away or snipe from. If you can't find the Saiga-12, 2 MP220s are good enough, although this leads you to the problem of a stupidly long cumulative reload time of 5.2 seconds, and no secondary for longer ranges..
SPAS-12 This pump-action shotgun has a 9 shell capacity, and not just the old 00 buckshot, but 12 gauge flechette. Flechette ammunition is less powerful than the standard buckshot you're used to, but it travels further and faster in a tighter grouping. It should be used in mid to long range combat because of it's range and also because the 750ms delay, lower spread of the gun and the lower damage can be overwhelmed by other shotguns, as well as assault rifles like M416/HK416 or the SCAR-H. Used properly, it can defeat semi-autos and sniper rifles due to the concentration of pellets and much longer range than normal shotguns. Try to pair this with a sniper rifle because of its long range and tight grouping.
USAS-12 The USAS-12 is unique from all other guns in one way: It shoots explosive 12-gauge rounds. Like grenades, they will travel directly to the cursor while in range. Be careful with this gun, as it can also damage you and your teammates. It is only found in hatchet crates in the Into the Woods update. However, it can also spawn in storm shelters and be found in golden airdrops. The USAS-12 is no longer obtainable.
M1100 The M1100 is a shotgun that acts as a cross between the M870 and MP220. It feature a faster rate of fire than the M870, though not as fast as the Saiga 12 or the USAS-12 due to being semi-automatic, but have the close range high damage potential as the MP220. Being a shotgun that fires 12 gauge birdshot, its' range is short and thus have among the poorest damage potential far away at range. It was made availble in the "Turkey shoot" update, which in it's introduction in the update, it used to have a special graphical effect upon hit or kill.


Most shotguns are only useful close-to-mid range. Each shotgun is useful depending on your target and your equipment. For example, the M870 is useful against opponents with weaker guns like pistols as long as you strafe. The MP220 is good against opponents who don't know you're there, so you can get two quick shots off and kill them before they know you're there. The Saiga-12 is useful in almost any situation. The SPAS-12 is useful against enemies that are slightly further away.The USAS-12 is good for medium to close-range combat and can be used as an MP220 or a Saiga-12.