Scopes are items that allow players to increase their range of vision. There are five scopes in 1x is automatically equipped. They may be found on the ground randomly, in Crates (especially Soviet Crates), in Toilets, Bank deposit boxes, the Pirate Chest, Shipping Containers, and inside Buildings. 2x Scopes are extremely common, 4x Scopes are fairly common but not nearly as much as 2x Scopes, 8x Scopes are rare, and 15x Scopes are extremely rare and one of the rarest drops in the game.


Image Name Notes
1x Scope Players automatically spawn with and have equipped a 1x scope. The 1x scope cannot be dropped even when a player is killed. Players who step into roofed buildings, containers, bunkers and smoke will automatically trigger the 1x scope.
2x Scope The most common scope, and is frequently found throughout the map.

It can be useful towards the beginning of the game

4x Scope Better zoom than the 2x scope, good enough to last throughout the game. It is uncommon.
8x Scope Very large zoom, good for long range weapons like the Mosin Nagant, SV-98, etc. It is quite rare.
15x Scope Maximum possible zoom; 1/16th of the map is visible. It was guaranteed to spawn in the last room of the Chrysanthemum Bunker during the "Frozen deserts" event.

Scopes and their Uses

1x Scope is forced while inside any building, shipping container, or under a smoke grenade. It is useless in most situations. It is also forced when downed in Squads or Duos.

2x Scope and 4x Scope are extremely useful early game, and good for checking bushes. A 4x Scope is usually good enough to get you a win.

8x Scope is extremely useful in most situations, as it can be used to easily check entire buildings. However, it may be hard to see people in bushes while moving, and loot may become slightly too small to see.

15x Scope is extremely rare, and useless for checking bushes, but great for checking buildings and in conjunction with long-range snipers like the Mosin Nagant, SV-98 and AWM-S.

Individual Scopes

1x Scope

The 1x Scope is the default scope and is the one that you spawn with. It is recommended to find a better scope as soon as possible, but don't risk your life for one.


  • The 1x Scope will be forced when you are inside a building or are knocked out.
  • The 1x Scope is the only scope not dropped on death as everyone spawns with it
  • The 1x Scope also cannot be dropped manually as then you wouldn't be able to see.
  • The 1x Scope can be considered the rarest scope as it NEVER drops in-game from any source.

2x Scope

The 2x Scope is the most common scope. It gives a small boost compared to the 1x Scope, but not a noticeable one.

4x Scope

The 4x Scope is a fairly common scope. It doesn't give a really noticeable increase compared to the 2x Scope, but it does when compared to the 1x Scope. It can be considered the middle ground of scopes as the scopes below it have a larger FOV (Field of View) in Mobile, while the scopes above it have a higher FOV on Desktop, while this one has them equal.

8x Scope

The 8x scope is a rare scope, excellent for sniping, however your aim in close range may be a little reduced due to smaller players and a significant view range increase as compared to even the 4x Scope.

15x Scope

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The 15x Scope is the 5th and rarest Scope in, after the 8x Scope, allowing you to see roughly 1/16 of the map, which is more than even your minimap in the corner shows.. Aim in close quarters will be significantly reduced due to players being small, however it is very useful for sneaking up on people, seeing people coming in, and sniping.


  • On Desert Maps, it can always be found in the final room of the Chrysanthemum Bunker
  • The 1x Scope could be considered rarer, due to the fact that it does not drop from ANYTHING, however everyone spawns with a 1x meaning that in practicality, the 15x is rarer.