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An SV-98 lying on the ground.

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A fellow Survivr holding an SV-98.

The Snaiperskaya Vintovka Model 1998, or the SV-98 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that was added in the “Log And Load” Update, on 2 June 2018.


The SV-98 is a very rare Bolt-Action sniper rifle, that can be found in very rarely in crates, common containers and lying in the open. The best chance of finding am SV-98 is a golden container at the docks, but even that's rare to find.




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  • The SV-98 can be used in virtually the same manner as the Mosin-Nagant.
    • However, the 10-round detachable magazine requires an adjustment in reload strategy.
  • During combat, reloading the SV-98 when there are more than 5 bullets in the magazine is a waste of time. Five bullets is enough ammo to kill several enemies, and reloading the SV-98 gives them time to heal and reload their weapons.
  • Although it is a sniper rifle, the SV-98 is also useful in close quarters. It deals more damage per shot than the SPAS-12 and its shot does not spread when going down a hallway.
  • The SV-98 is much more effective if the player can quickswitch. This is extremely effective if the player quickswitches between the SV-98 and another sniper/shotgun.


  • The real-life SV-98 was made by Vladimir Stronskiy from Russia in 1998.
  • The SV-98 is nicknamed “Mosin 2.0” by the Devs because many of it’s stats are better than the other bolt action sniper in the game, the Mosin Nagant.
  • As was confirmed by Justin (A Developer), the SV-98 is rarer than the Saiga-12, officially making it the 3rd rarest gun in the game behind the M249 and AWM-S.
  • The weapon icon does not appear to have a scope, which would make aiming this gun at long range difficult. Most SV-98s would have a scope attached.



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