Holding SCAR-H

A fellow Survivr holding a SCAR-H.

Screenshot 2018-07-22 at 6.20.40 PM - Edited

A SCAR-H lying on the ground.

Screenshot 2018-10-09 at 8.25.53 PM

3 SCAR-Hs on the ground

The FN SOF (Special Operations Forces) Combat Assault Rifle - Heavy (sometimes known as the Special Combat Assault Rifle), known in-game as the SCAR-H is a battle rifle added in the "CSI: Ranchito" update. It is usually found in Golden Lockers at the Police Station and Air Drops The SCAR-H is rarely found elsewhere. It fires with somewhat high accuracy for an automatic rifle, and has a long range, making it useful for taking out enemies from a distance.




Swapping To


With its long range and high accuracy, this gun is good for medium to long range combat.

Try having an MP220 or Saiga-12. You can either:

  • Use the MP220/Saiga-12 for close range combat only
  • Shoot at your target with the SCAR-H then shotgun him
  • Above but do the opposite

Mind the SCAR-H's reload time, which is on the higher end. Keep a considerable distance when reloading as to not let your opponent(s) take advantage of the delay. It is vital to make your shots count, as, in spite of the SCAR-H's high damage, its small magazine size and long reload time can leave you vulnerable.


  • The icon SCAR-H's magazine well seems much too small to fit 7.62×51mm NATO FN SCAR magazines. It could have been based on the SCAR-L, a 5.56×45mm NATO version of the SCAR-H, or could just be excused by the fact that none of the sprites are exactly proportional.
  • In the July 26, 2018 update "Air drop it like it's Hot" the drop rate of the SCAR-H was lowered in order to better balance the game


  • The SCAR-H has the 2nd highest DPS of all Assault Rifles meaning that fighting directly with a SCAR user means that you'll most likely die before the enemy dies. A good way to kill SCAR players is to go in range and shoot them in the face with a Shotgun or SMG.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage
  • High fire rate
  • High DPS
  • Accurate


  • Slow reload time
  • Not suitable for really long range
  • Low magazine


The SCAR-H is a very rare Assault Rifle that is mainly spawn in Golden Lockers, it also spawns in Airdrops, but very rarely as normal loot.