Image of a normal pot


Image of a golden pot


Pots found inside of a hut

Pots are a type of clay container, much like a Crate, that can be broken open to reveal a variety of items. It is added during the v0.4.2 "Sun's Out, Guns Out" update on June 21, 2018. Pots are found inside of a Hut, Cabin, or Fisherman's Shack. There will be between one and five pots for each hut, three in each cabin, and two in the fisherman's shack . Pots can be green or gold, much like how other crates have a special golden variant. Green pots contain a single loot item such as consumable or weapon, while Gold Pots contain the exclusive Island Time skin and the SPAS-12. Gold pots are only and always found in the centers of Golden Huts.

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Hut with golden rooftop, versus non-golden. Golden rooftop has gold pot in it.