The Player is the character that you take control of while playing


Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 5.32.38 PM

A player in its default form. Its wearing the basic outfit.

The player takes the form of three peach colored circles; one for the body and two for the hands. Body parts can be recolored using clothing. For example, The Professional changes one's hand color to orange.

As a player, one can equip items such as weapons, vests, and helmets. The default weapon of the player is the fist. The player starts with 100 health and does not regenerate it without the use of medical supplies.

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Version Notes
0.2.2 Fixed an issue where players could have reduced health after reviving another player.

Fixed an issue where spectate mode failed to engage or switch players.

0.2.1 Fixed an issue where players could get visually stuck in a reviving pose.

Fixed an issue where dying after a win could result in rank #0.

0.2.0 Added option to drop items (right-click item to drop).

Added option to view personal stats while spectating.

0.1.7 Added spectator mode.
0.1.6 Armor items below your current equipped armor cannot be looted.
0.1.1 Minimap is now responsive to screen size.

UI weapon slots can now be clicked to switch weapons.

0.1.0 Added sounds.

Players can no longer shoot while reloading a magazine-fed gun.

All other modes of interrupting a reload remain (switch weapons, stow weapons, use item, loot a new gun).

A message will now appear if a player is unable to loot an item (no room in pack, better item already equipped, already have that item).

0.0.6 Added autoscoping.

Move faster without a weapon.

UI improvements.

0.0.3 Armor and skins now drop from dead players.