The OTs-38 Stechkin, known as the OT-38 in-game, is a revolver in


The OT-38 is often the first long-range weapon that the player will find. Although its low rate of fire makes it tricky to use in close quarters, its DMR-level accuracy means that it can outperform even ARs at longer ranges. Dual wielding the OT-38 gives it DPS on par with that of the UMP9 without sacrificing its great accuracy.




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OT-38 Being Held

A fellow Survivr holding an OT-38.

  • When using a single OT-38, it is advised to keep your distance from opponents. This allows you to take advantage of the OT-38's accuracy to nullify the enemy's DPS advantage.
  • Dual OT-38s have much better DPS, allowing them to be used effectively at closer ranges. However, the long reload leaves the user vulnerable.


The OT-38 is known to appear in most places loot can appear, as it is one of the most common guns in the game.


  • Previously, the OT-38 would eject spent casings after each shot when fired in-game. This obviously doesn't happen in real life, as it is a revolver. This has since been corrected, and the OT-38 does not eject after each shot, but rather all 5 casings are ejected during reloads.
  • The dual sprite for the OT-38 shows the two revolvers placed parallel to each other, unlike the M9, M93R or G18C (whose dual sprites show the two guns in a crossed manner). The Dual DEagle's icon and the Dual Peacemaker's icon are arranged like the OT-38.
  • The real gun is called the OTs-38 'Stechkin' (after its creator, Igor Stechkin), and first entered service in 2002 for the Russian Army. It uses the 7.62×42mm cartridge.
  • Although it is a revolver like the Peacemaker, it is currently not able to be fanned.
  • It's regarded by many as the worst weapon to use 7.62mm ammo, as there are other weapons that uses the same ammo usually outperform the revolver. Because of how underpowered it's regarded as, it is commonly used in challenges, similarly to how the M9 is handled for both are seen as underpowered.


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