The Mark 12 Mod 0/1 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR), known as the Mk 12 SPR in-game, is a DMR in It may be compared to the M39 EMR.


The Mk 12 is a powerful weapon due to its decent DPS and laser-like precision and velocity. The gun can shoot almost as fast as you can click, with only 150 milliseconds between shots.




Swapping To


  • Despite being a long-range gun, the Mk 12 has a higher base DPS than many automatic weapons, for example the MP5 and DP-28.
  • Keep your distance as long as possible and leverage the fast bullet speed of 5.56mm ammo to land shots across the field. You can put out more damage than assault rifles in mid-to long-range even while moving due to the excellent accuracy.
  • When using the Mk 12, it is recommended to have a backup gun for close quarters engagements.
  • The FAMAS is generally considered to be better than the Mk 12 due to the FAMAS having higher DPS, moving accuracy and damage per magazine. The only reasons to not swap out the Mk 12 for the FAMAS is the MK12's higher bullet speed, fire rate and usability.


  • The Mk 12 SPR in-game features a 20-round STANAG magazine. In reality the rifle is most often used with a 30 round magazine, but in-game the weapon uses a 20 round magazine for balance purposes as confirmed by a developer.
  • The icon lacks any sort of rear sight due to its rather low quality. This would make aiming very difficult for the user in real-life without a scope.
  • The icon also features a foldable bipod.


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