The Med Kit is a Consumable medical item in It fully heals the player although its drawbacks are its long use time and extreme slowness effect.


The Med Kit can be found on the ground, in Crates, or looted from other players. A Med Kit can be useful in tight situations, as it fully heals the player upon use. The Med Kit is one of only three items that can fully heal the player, the other two being Soda and Pills. Despite this, it is the only item in the game that heals the player instantaneously. However, the six-second wait time can make this a very dangerous item as well. To ensure maximum safety, hide behind an indestructible building such as a Silo, or run away from your assailant. If you can't stay out of reach for the whole 6 seconds, use Bandages to get some health back to at most 75, an your adrenaline from the Soda/Pills will work on the rest of your health.



  • The Med Kit is more difficult to find than Bandages, Sodas, and pills, so carefully use this item only in times of emergency.
  • After using a Med Kit, make sure to consume Pills and Sodas while you are still in cover so that you move faster and recover if you are being shot at.
  • While using a Med Kit, your moving speed is lowered and therefore that opens you to harm. You can use this to your advantage on a teammate, but it could also double as a disadvantage to you in tight situations.