The MP220 is a double-barrelled shotgun in that can fire two shots in rapid succession, though it has a fairly long reload time.


The MP220 can fire two rounds very quickly, and has the lowest shot delay of any shotgun in the game, firing even faster than then the Saiga-12. Because of this, it deals more damage per second than the M870. However, its main drawback is it's somewhat slow reload time and its small clip size.




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  • The MP220 is extremely deadly at close range. Enemies at all stages of the game will try to keep their distance because the MP220's fast two-round burst is extremely lethal. A secondary with a large effective range is recommended because the MP220 is unable to deal any damage beyond a short range.
  • MP220 Being Held

    A fellow Survivr holding an MP220.

    In close quarters, 2 hits from the MP220 will either kill the enemy outright or leave them at very low health. If they are still alive, their last shreds of HP can be taken off with your other gun.
  • If you shoot the MP220 once be certain that you reload the gun, even if you are not in immediate combat, this is so that if you forget you have not reloaded it to two shot and you get ready to kill and only one shot comes out then there is a very high chance you will get killed because of this error.
  • The MP220 is risky to use because you have to reload after just two shots. Your opponent will know that your MP220 is empty and attack before you can reload.
    • If you have two MP220s, you can shoot twice from one and quickly switch to the other. Your opponent will think that your MP220 is empty and will move in to attack. At this point, you can catch them off-guard by shooting them.


  • MP220

    The old image of the MP220.

    The image ID for the MP220 was previously "soshotgun", the "so" most likely standing for "sawn-off". The image was later changed in the new update to "mp220", as a more detailed icon with 2 triggers.
  • The MP220's icon portrays it as a sawn-off shotgun, with a shortened barrel and stock.
  • The MP220 is one of the few weapons in-game that does not subsequently eject its shells after firing. Instead, both shells are ejected when reloading, an appropriate animation for a double-barrelled shotgun.


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