The Beretta 92, designated M9 in the U.S. Military, and also known as the M9 in-game, is a semi-automatic pistol in


The M9 is one of the weakest weapons in the game, sporting only 12 damage and a magazine size of 15. It is only viable early game and is still only slightly more effective when dual wielded.




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  • The M9 is only useful at gaining a slight advantage in the early stages of the game.
  • Unless very experienced, players should not stick to this gun all game.
  • Since the dual pistols update, the dual M9 can do slightly more damage if fired quickly. It is still recommended to drop them for essentially any other gun most of the time.
  • Using the M9 effectively depends on the user being able to click very quickly. Even then, a single M9 has just 100 DPS and has poor accuracy.


  • The M9 is so underpowered and weak that it is often joked about and occasionally used as a means of handicapping a player in order to create a more challenging experience.
  • The M9 is the most common gun you can find.
  • The icon for the M9 does not have an ejection port on its visible side. It could be a left-handed model if any exist, but this is debunked by the fact that the icon for dual M9s do not have any ejection ports. Unless, of course, the player is using right handed and left handed models, both with the ejection ports on the non-visible sides.
  • The updated version of the M9 includes a more detailed hammer, the floor plate of the magazine, and iron sights, whereas the original sprite did not include any of the listed parts.
  • The M9 pistol (in real life) is the current standard-issue sidearm in the U.S. Army, although it is slowly being replaced by other handguns.
  • M9 is the designation by the U.S Army of the Beretta 92.


  • Since the M9 is one of the weakest weapon in the game, it is easy to counter them. if you find an M9 user, keep a range, since the Dual M9 can be lethal in close range.



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