The Remington Model 870, known in-game as the M870, is a shotgun in


The M870 is one of the most widely used and common weapons in the game, due to it being one of only five shotguns. The gun is comparable to the MP220, which offers a higher rate of fire in exchange for a lower capacity. However, it should be noted that while the MP220 and Saiga-12 do the same damage as they all use 12 gauge buckshot, they do not all have the same DPS, as they all have different rates of fire.




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  • Like every other shotgun, the M870's shot is effective at a surprisingly long range.
  • The M870 reloads each round individually, so you can reload it only partially if you need to shoot again immediately. However, reloading the entire magazine at once is faster.
  • Shooting the M870 slows you down for about half of a second, however this can be mitigated by quickswitching.
  • It should be noted that dual M870s don’t work anymore, as quick-switching from one pump-action shotgun to another now triggers a full cool-down (as of the rivers update). This is the same for M870 + SPAS-12 and dual SPAS-12s.


  • The sprite for the M870 does not have a pump nor an ejection port. This can be excused by the fact that surviv features very simplistic sprites. It should be noted that the M870's icon is curiously less detailed than other weapons' sprites.
  • It is the most common shotgun.


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