The Jester's Folly is a piece of clothing in the game.


The Jester's Folly was created in version "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" (v 3.1). Jester's Folly will only appear in the Bank's vault unless you kill and loot a player that equipped it prior to death. This piece of Clothing will make the Backpack dark green. Wearing it tells other players that you looted the bank and likely have some powerful weapons.


  • Purple is a color most often attributed to the concept of royalty and wealth, as royals used to wear purple and purple was quite expensive to make. This makes sense in-game, as whoever wears Jester's Folly likely looted the bank and has numerous good items and lots of supplies.
  • The word "folly" means a lack of good sense or foolishness, which could make sense as banks are likely the most commonly looted building in and going into one may be dangerous if other people are currently in it.