The Ghillie Suit is an article of clothing in

Ghillie suit

Ghillie suit

How to use the outhouse building to bait using the ghillie suit


The Ghillie Suit is found in Crates, on the ground, and in buildings. It's one of the rarer items in the game. Its appearance allows the player to blend in with the map's grass and enable stealthier gameplay. However, it does not blend in when in buildings, beaches, and the ocean.

Additionally, Equipment such as Vests, Helmets, and Backpacks do not display on the character while the suit is equipped. However, the pan will show. However, people can still see your hands or melee weapons clearly.


  • The whole idea behind the Ghillie Suit is camouflage. Stay as hidden (in plain sight) as possible so you can ambush your opponents.
  • It is recommended to not hold a gun while you have this skin so you can sneak around much more easily. Try to avoid using certain melee weapons as well, as they can stand out more than fists
  • Sneak up close to a player and shoot them with a shotgun or another close range weapon.
  • Position your hands right next to a building, and you're practically invisible. If you see a player, then ambush him.
  • Get a sniper and a scope, stand in the middle of the map and snipe people down. If they see your bullets and start running towards you, just switch to fists and hide them in a bush or something. You can target people the whole game this way.
  • The Ghillie suit is one of the most prized items in the game and is a beacon for players that will target you. Try to stay hidden or out of sight most of the time.


  • if you have a ghillie suit and a pan, the pan will show on your back
  • holding a gun, facing the tree, and being the closest to the tree at the same time will give your more disguise then holding fists(at trees)
  • while you are walking, hold fists, and face the opposite direction you are walking. this will lead players to think you are behind your fists, when you are in front.