The Frag Grenade is a throwable weapon that was added on February 8, 2018. It is available to use in the fourth slot along with smoke grenades. It can be used by holding down left click to "cook" the grenade (pulling the pin and holding it) and release to throw it. It has a fuse of four seconds after the pin is pulled, after which it explodes; either in your hand, midair, or hopefully on or very close to your target.

They can be found in grenade crates alongside smoke grenades.

Holding Frag

Player holding Frag Grenade


Pulling Pin



Explosion In Water


  • Late-game, in a small circle, spamming grenades may be useful to flush your enemy out of cover, for an example, bush hiding. In situations like these, cooking is not efficient because your enemy is likely to have a good enough scope to see you from behind cover.
  • If there are many players in one general area (ie; a house, warehouse), throw a grenade in it and get out of there as fast as you can. This will take a huge chunk of health out of many players and if you have good armor and good guns, you can get back in and take them down for loot and kills.
  • If in Duos or or Squads you can cook the grenade and run at where your enemies are. This will knock off all of your health but it might kill both of your opponents, and you can just be revived.
    Frag 2

    Player throwing Frag Grenade

  • If someone throws a Smoke Grenade and is hiding in it, walk into the smoke and place a grenade inside the smoke, then leave. They wont know that you put a grenade inside the smoke and will end up with a explosive surprise!
  • If you find a confined space (like a house) with lots of enemies, and you have both smoke grenades and frag grenades, throw the them both into the house for quick kills.
  • Be careful as your own grenades can damage you and your teammates.
  • One piece of shrapnel from a Frag Grenade does 15 damage.
  • Frag grenades damage explosive obstacles such as ovens, barrels and computer terminals. You can effectively start an explosive chain reaction with a well-thrown grenade.


  • When a player pulls the pin on the grenade, the safety lever does not get detached. In reality, the lever is what starts the fuse, and thus, the grenade would be unable to be "cooked," if it is never detached.
  • It was the first throwable to be added into the game.


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