The Magnum Research Incorporated Desert Eagle, known as the DEagle 50 in-game (and previously known as the Desert Eagle), is a semi-automatic pistol that was added in the v0.3.5 "Downwards Is The Only Way Forwards" update on April 26th, 2018.


It was developed by Magnum Research Inc. (MRI), to be a pistol chambering the largest centerfire cartridge being produced since 2009 by the USA.


The Desert Eagle is currently the most powerful Pistol available. This weapon uses .50 AE or Action Express (Black Ammo) and is also currently the only gun that uses .50 AE ammo. The DEagle can also be dual wielded as it's a pistol, but is rare to find two in one game. It has its highest drop rate in a secret room in the Mansion, at about a 50% chance of spawning and has a 11% of spawning the Dual DEagle rate which gives two DEagles. However, it can also very rarely spawn in other places as normal loot or on the ground. It is the only weapon in the game that is first shot accurate.

The upsides for using it in certain situations consist of it dealing a considerably high damage compared to other pistols and other weapons in the game, it has good range and can be dual wielded. The cons are that it is a rare weapon and has a small clip size, and it's hard to find ammo for it. It should be used in medium to long range due to its accuracy. Do not overestimate it in close range, as you will be vulnerable to SMGs and Shotguns.




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Advantages of this weapon

  • The DEagle is best used as a precision weapon when wielding one DEagle, as it deals high damage and has extreme accuracy.
  • Having Dual DEagles combined will become really deadly; as it sports a much higher fire rate and DPS than the single DEagle. Use Dual DEagle at mid-range to shut down enemies pressing with assault rifles, and use them close range for devastating blows.
  • If you come across a DEagle with little or no .50 AE ammo, be advised that finding more .50 AE ammo in the future is far from guaranteed.

Disadvantages of this weapon

  • Trying to conserve the DEagle's ammo supply will greatly reduce its effectiveness. Instead, the player should try to use the DEagle 50 to kill enemies as quickly as possible. This will lead to a higher-kill game, and by the time the DEagle is out of ammo the player should be able to find a suitable replacement gun.
  • Having dual DEagles will lose its extreme accuracy and makes reloading notably difficult by comparison. The DEagles will no longer be effective in long ranges, instead they are more effective in short-mid ranges.
    • They also burn ammunition really quickly if spammed.


  • When fighting a DEagle 50 user, take advantage of the DEagle 50's small magazine capacity by attacking them after they miss several shots. They will not be able to kill you without reloading, which significantly weakens their position.

Pros and Cons


  • Has the highest damage of all the Pistols, being to kill a player in 3 hits
  • Has fast fire rate, 8 in a second
  • First shot 100% accurate, if you wait half a second after firing a shot, the next shot will be 100% accurate too.
  • Can be dual wielded
  • When dual wielded, the fire rate almost doubles and DPS increases a lot
  • High DPS even when single wielded


  • After the first shot, it's not accurate anymore
  • Unsuitable for long range
  • Dual DEagles have long reload time
  • Has limited ammo supply


The DEagle 50 is mainly found in Airdrops and the DEagle 50 Case, and extremely rarely as normal loot. It is a really rare normal loot.


  • It is indicated by the sprite of the gun (as well as the icon on the crates in the mansion) that the DEagle is gold-plated. Gold-plated versions are available for every model of the Desert Eagle.
  • The DEagle 50 was previously named correctly as the "Desert Eagle". This has changed in the Desert rain update, when it was renamed to "DEagle 50". This is most likely due to copyright issues, as "Desert Eagle" is a trademark of Magnum Research Inc.
  • This is the third weapon renamed due to copyright issues.


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