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The consumables table as it looks in-game.

Consumables are loot items that can be consumed by the player for an added benefit, either health or adrenaline.

The health bar starts full and is depleted by damage. If it is empty, the player dies. It may be replenished actively via Bandages and Med Kits or passively via the adrenaline bar.

The adrenaline bar starts empty. Whenever it is filled via Soda or Pills, it will gradually deplete. If the Adrenaline bar is full to any degree, the player's health will regenerate over time until the health bar is full. This regeneration happens faster if the adrenaline bar is filled up more. If the adrenaline bar is filled at least halfway, the player will move faster.


Item Type Description Usage time


Bandage Health Heals 15% health, up to 75% 2.6
Med Kit Health Heals 100% a player's health 6
Soda Adrenaline Fills player's adrenaline bar by 25% 3
Pills Adrenaline Fills a player's adrenaline bar by 50% 5


  • Keeping the adrenaline bar full will help the player pursue weak enemies and run away if injured. Adrenaline also regenerates health over time, meaning that the player can heal without stopping to use Bandages or a Med Kit.
Med Kit