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The bunker crate is a box that spawns in Bunkers and sometimes in Storm Bunker. A bunker crate has either a gold or silver stripe on the left and a nuke symbol on it. A gold bunker crate has a 100% chance to drop 4 AK-47 (with 90 7.62mm each), 4 The Initiative Suits. It also drops 2-3 random items. The silver bunker crates are found in Storm Bunkers, Docks and in the the Hydra Bunker. They drop 3 random items.

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Golden Bunker Crate

In the Woods Mode, the gold one drops 2 MP220 with 10 12 gauge each, 2 BAR M1918 with 80 7.62mm each, 4 of The Initiative and 4-5 Armor Pieces, while the regular one is replaced with the Hatchet Crate