Inside bank1

Inside of the bank

Bank Map

The Bank as it looks from the map

The Bank is a Building in added in the v0.3.1 update on March 23, 2018.


The Bank is a high-risk and high-reward location that spawns only once per map in a random location. The Bank is the smallest high-risk building, and contains the least loot. The Bank contains two stands, two toilets, a vending (Soda) machine and the bank safe, which houses six vault containers along with a guaranteed Skin, the Jester's Folly . The Bank is a highly recommended location to get some of the best loot in the game, but it comes at the cost of the Bank being a very popular spot to get good loot. This means that many other players may go to the bank, making for a high chance of dying. However, it is considered the worst high-risk high-reward place due to being the oldest and smallest popular building.

In the [1][2]Frozen Deserts mode, released December 12, 2018, the bank spawns with a stone hammer instead of the Jester's Folly. Gold Vaults are also more common in this mode.


Vault Opening

Deposit Box Opening

How To Find The Bank

To find a Bank, look at the map. There should be a big, wood-colored building somewhere on the map. It should be noted that if a Bank is too far away, it may be looted by the time you get there.


Vaults contain a guaranteed Jester's Folly and 6 vault containers that come in the colors of metal and gold. They contain a lot of loot; enough to fill a team with luxury items such as shotguns and med-kits. Metal vaults will drop a single item or gun with ammo, while gold vaults drop the equivalent of two metal vault drops.They are called Deposit Boxes in the games files but are called Vaults by the fanbase. 


Inside of the bank safe, It contains 6 Vaults and a Jesters Folly