9 millimeter, also known as 9mm (Yellow) in the game, is a type of ammunition in It is also the most common type of ammunition in


9mm ammunition was invented in 1898 by Georg Luger, primarily to be used with the Luger pistol, which he invented. In, 9mm is used for three pistols and five SMGs.


9mm Casing


Weapon Type Damage Fire Rate Notes
M9 Pistol 12 8.3


Very weak pistol. Common early-game.
G18C Pistol 9 16.7


"Upgraded" M9. Fully automatic with a bit less damage.
MP5 SMG 11 11.1 Fast Rate of Fire, yet low damage.
MAC-10 SMG 9.25 22.2 Faster RoF than the MP5, but even lower damage.
UMP9 SMG 15 (x3) 8.8 Burst-fire, but higher damage than other SMGs.
Vector SMG 7.75 26.3 Less damage than the UMP9, but an incredible Rate of Fire.
M93R Pistol 10 10.8 Similar to the M9, but able to burst fire 3 rounds.
CZ-3A1 SMG 12 18.18 A suppressed SMG that shoots as fast as the Vector, but with a bullet fade effect.


Type Amount
Pouch (default) 120
Small Pack 240
Normal Pack 330
Military Pack 420


  • As mentioned above, the 9mm ammunition in-game is based on the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge, as all 9mm weapons currently in the game fire this round in real life.
9mm G18CM9M93RMAC-10MP5UMP9Vector (9mm)CZ-3A1
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