5.56 millimeter, also known as 5.56mm (Green) in the game, is a type of ammunition currently used by six weapons. The power of 5.56mm is on par with 7.62mm (Blue) ammunition. but usually considered slightly better. All guns in that use 5.56mm ammo are quite reliable and are typically used throughout a game.


5.56mm casing

Weapons using 5.56mm

Weapon Type Damage Fire Rate Notes
FAMAS Assault Rifle 17 8.8 3-round Burst fire. Similar to the UMP9, but with higher damage.
M416 Assault Rifle 11 13.3 Fully automatic assault rifle, comparable to the AK-47 but with higher fire rate, better DPS, and lower accuracy.
M249 LMG 14 12.5 Very rare weapon with extremely high fire rate and capacity. Considered one of, if not the, best gun.
Mk 12 SPR DMR 19.5 6.7

Marksman rifle, comparable to the M39 EMR with greater fire rate.

QBB-97 LMG 14 10 Fairly rare LMG. Mostly found in airdrops. Similar to M249 with smaller capacity.
M4A1-S Assault Rifle 14 12.2 A silenced version of the M416, with better DPS as well. Very rare, only found in Golden Airdrops


Type Storage
Pouch (Default) 90
Level 1 180
Level 2 240
Level 3 300


  • The 5.56mm projectiles are green-colored.
  • The ammo is based off of the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge, as all 5.56mm weapons in the game use that cartridge in real life.
    • The QBB-97 is an exception, as although the version in-game is an export variant that uses 5.56×45mm NATO, non-export versions uses its own 5.8×42mm ammo.
  • The 5.56mm casing is shown with a rim, even though the real-life cartridge is rimless.
  • This is the first new type of ammunition added to the game- originally, only had 9mm, 7.62mm, and 12 gauge.
9mm G18CM9M93RMAC-10MP5UMP9Vector (9mm)CZ-3A1
5 FAMASM249M416M4A1-SMk 12 SPRQBB-97
7.62mm AK-47BAR M1918DP-28M1 GarandM39 EMRMosin-NagantOT-38SCAR-HSV-98
12 gauge M870MP220Saiga-12SPAS-12USAS-12M1100
.50 AE DEagle 50
.308 Subsonic AWM-S
Flare Flare Gun
.45 ACP Model 94PeacemakerM1911M1A1Vector (.45 ACP)
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